British foods found on Amazon – a list of my blog posts

Last updated on October 13th, 2022 at 12:17 pm

Missing your favourite British foods from home?  Don’t Worry, there are plenty of British foods to be found on Amazon!

Fear not, for Amazon has “the goods” when it comes to British foods available in the USA – and much of the product ships right from the UK!

In these blog posts, you’ll find a list of the products, and I’ll generally be listing them in best value for money first, but look carefully, as prices change.  The lists in the blog will be updated periodically, but the product carousels will show “live” prices from Amazon when you load the page.

First, a quick tutorial on how to use the Amazon British Foods pages:

How to use the British Foods Amazon blog posts - best value products are at the top of the list, or the left of the product carousel.

Best value for money products are at the top of the list, and to the left in the product carousel.


The Nestle Big Biscuit Box – 71 Favourites in a BIG Box!


Here are some seasonal items – moved out of the way due to it ‘not being the season’:

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