British foods on Amazon – Curry Sauces + Cooking Pastes

Last updated on October 29th, 2023 at 06:31 am

British foods on Amazon: Pataks Curry Sauces + Cooking Pastes

British Curry Sauces + Curry Pastes Found Online at Amazon

I used to love a good Curry – and sometimes you are just in the mood for a good old blast from the past.  Curry does that for me, as I used to live in London and Brick  Lane (now known as ‘Banglatown’ – was a regular haunt of mine).  The closest curry I can make to those I got visiting a good indian restaurant seem to start with one thing  – Patak’s Curry Sauces or Pastes.  Their spice pastes are amazing for adding flavour to your curry… add some greek yoghurt and bam, you got a great curry!

In this Curry Sauce + Curry Paste Food post, you’ll find:

British foods Curry Sauces + Cooking Pastes Products – these prices are a ‘live feed’, so should be accurate:

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