British foods on Amazon – Jelly Babies, Fruit Gums, Fruit Pastilles and Wine Gums

Last updated on May 15th, 2023 at 06:30 am

British foods on Amazon: English Sweets, Jelly Babies, Fruit Gums, Fruit Pastilles & Wine Gums

Do you remember Jelly Babies? How about Wine Gums? Bertie Bassett and Maynards were a favourite of mine – how about you?

I recently ordered some Rowntree Fruit Gums for my grandchildren, got chatting online about other sweets and before you know it, I’d ordered some of each.. I had better give some away…

This month I’m ordering some Fruit Pastilles – the fruit gums didn’t do it for the grandchildren – they seem to enjoy the artificially flavoured Haribo Gummies to naturally flavoured UK sweets… 🙁

We have other posts with some more sweet selections – from Turkish Delight to Picnic Bars – check out the post here.

In this our Amazon English Sweets, you’ll find:

English Sweets – Jelly Babies, Fruit Gums, Fruit Pastilles and Wine Gums – these prices are a ‘live feed’, so should be accurate:

So – when you fancy those hard to find British sweets, reach for Amazon – follow the link to search for your old favourites!

Do you crave a Curly Wurly, or a Picnic bar?  We found those on Amazon too!

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