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Last updated on October 16th, 2023 at 07:24 am

English Home Baking Supplies: UK Flour & Suet (both beef & vegetarian)

If you bake, you’ll find British Flour easier to make your favourite recipes!

Do you miss how your cakes turned out back home?  Did you notice that your sponge cakes lack a certain ‘airiness’?  Are they just lumps or stones?  The difference is that you aren’t using UK Flour!

You really need to understand the difference between the heavier US flours vs the lighter UK flours, but if you just can’t wait, or want a taste of home – order some UK baking supplies!

We do have some other posts with premade or store-bought cakes – both McVities cakes and Mr Kipling Cakes, but if you’re a baker, only home-made will do!

In this this Amazon UK Home Baking Supplies post you will find:

English Home Baking Supplies including Flour from McDougalls and Homepride plus Suet – these prices are a ‘live feed’, so should be accurate:

So – when you fancy those hard to find British baking goods, reach for Amazon – follow the link to search for your favourites British Flour!

If you’re baking and having mixed results, perhaps you should know the difference between UK flour and US flour – take a look at our other posts…

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