British foods on Amazon – Crisps and Snacks Part 2

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 02:23 pm

British foods on Amazon: Crisps & Snacks Part. 2

English Crisps & Snacks Found Online…

Crisps and Snacks: KP Nik Naks, Nice N Spicy Flavour

KP Nik Naks – Nice-N-Spicy Flavour

We know you’re craving those English crisps and snacks!  Which of the old favourites do you miss most??  Many British foods can be found in specialty food stores around the nation, kitchen stores often have foreign food sections, and there’s always Cost Plus World Market, but almost none of them will have crisps and snacks from back home (we suspect it’s because they’re bulky, weigh very little and that makes them expensive to import).

But never fear, Amazon is here… you can find many of your favourite snacks from blighty and buy almost all your fave British foods on Amazon!

In this the 2nd part of our crisps + snacks we tracked down and found the following British snacks for you to buy – for latest prices, view the carousel underneath this list – and click through to find similar products like other flavours and pack counts.

British foods Crisps and Snacks Pt. 2 Product Carousel – these prices are a ‘live feed’, so should be accurate:

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