HP Sauce vs Daddies Sauce – the great debate rages on!

Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 05:41 am

British foods on Amazon: HP Sauce vs Daddies Sauce: an epic showdown!

People seem to be in one of two camps when it comes to brown sauce – no, not the love it, or hate it camps – although we’ll admit they’re a thing.. but rather we see the HP Sauce vs Daddies Favourite Brown Sauce camps…  which camp are you in?

While things seem quite simple – HP Sauce made things even more complicated when they brought to the table – HP Fruity Sauce – a personal fave of mine!

To make things a little simpler, we put the HP Fruity alongside the regular HP in our listings, but we didn’t dare put the Daddies Favourite in the same product carousel… so scroll down for Daddies Sauce!

In this our Amazon HP Brown Sauce post you will find:

English Brown Sauce – an institution – but are you a Daddies Sauce or an HP Sauce type of person?

If Daddies is more your taste, this Amazon Daddies Brown Sauce section has all the sized you need:

The ‘other brown sauce’ is a UK favourite with that very word in the name – Daddies Favourite Sauce:

So – when you fancy big dollop of brown sauce, reach for Amazon – follow the link to search for your favourites brown sauces – oh… did we forget to mention ‘Chef Sauce‘ – an Irish favourite?

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