British foods on Amazon – English Mustard, Mustards from the UK

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British foods on Amazon: English Mustards, Mustards from the UK

Colman’s English Mustard, French Mustard, Irish Mustard and more …

Colman's Mustard in the squeeze container - available on Amazon!

Colman’s Mustard in the squeeze container – available on Amazon!

English Mustards, Mustards (and Horseradish) Found Online!

Don’t you love our nation’s favourite mustard?   A big blog of Colman’s Mustard? This American stuff is just so much ‘weak sauce’ – I want a bite to my mustard, so it will pair well with meats, eggs and more.

I always have Colman’s in the fridge, and a couple of spare jars in the pantry.  It can be hard to find, and I’ve had to start checking the best before dates when I find it in stores, because if it gets old, you’ll notice that the product can lose a bit of it’s “bite” – ie, the heat level drops off and it’s just not the same.

So how do you use Colman’s mustard?  I will slather it on quite heavily onto a ham sandwich, or use the powdered mustard in deviled eggs.  If I cook a roast, whether it be a chicken, pork , or a beef roast, I’ll have a big blob of English mustard on the side and I really think the meal is incomplete without my Colman’s Mustard!

In this English Mustard Food Carousel, you will find:

British Mustards Product Carousel – the prices should be current:

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