Twitter hacked: Security – are they serious?

twitter today confirmed a bug which allowed a user to “force” another user to follow them… you what?!?

So in the world of social media, where a user’s behavior can be socially engineered, it turns out there is a way to turn them into following zombies? No-way! Get outta-here… sounds about as secure as an un-patched Microsoft Windows XP!

As to how it works, it was only really a problem for those of you that used the Twitter web interface – if you’re tweeting via your smart-phone, or your hootsuite, or tweet-deck, then you were not susceptible to this particular “exploit” – well – that’s what twitter spokesperson Sean Garrett told CNet – are we sure that’s all that was affected, or is that all they’re willing to admit to?

Actually, I’m surprised that with the complexity of malware these days, there aren’t more twitter and facebook behavior worms and trojans… coming soon to your desktop – we will assimilate your online social identities – you will follow like a drone… trust me… it will happen – and probably long before we’re ending 2010…