As chains go – this is one of the FEW I will eat at without moaning (too loudly)

As you may have gathered, I favour (yes, the British spelling) locally owned eateries over large chains – almost exclusively, I’ll at least TRY the locally owned option – then, if the quality of the food and service is up to par, then I’ll become a regular customer and spend my money locally.

Fast Food Burger places aren’t something you can find too many locally owned options – although I WELCOME all of your suggestions – so that leaves the discerning burger consumer with a bit of a conundrum… which chain to patronize when you need a quick and easy, or drive-through burger option… hmmm…. I wonder…?!?

Well, I’ve tried them all – and of the chains, my preference when it just has to be a burger (normally being steered by other members of the gathering) – is for Carl’s Jr.

I know some of you will prefer something else – and I’m ok with that – I’m not going to get all evangelical over your choice of burger – it’s your stomach, and your wallet – and locally owned options are certainly limited – and often out of the way… although I really do want to know what local options you drive out of your way for – please share!!

So if you’re going to head off to Carl’s Jr. in the near future – and you have a hankering for a Chicken burger (I never do) – this coupon might be useful to you…

Free Carl’s Junior Combo upgrade

So – where did I obtain such a ‘special’ coupon (yes, I use special in the pejorative in this instance) …

I got it from their Facebook page – they have an application with a “spin-the-wheel” – to supposedly win cool stuff and free food – only most of the coupons seem to require you to spend $4-6 in order to get a free $1 or so… yep – theirs a sucker born… I was it… 😉

But – as the number of people who see this blog grows, I encourage you – make sure you have a PDF writing application (PDF creator is free) – go and join the Carl’s Jr. facebook page – spin to win – then print the coupon to PDF and email it to me – I’ll share it here – we all win! :mrgreen: