75% off is a deal no matter what you’re buying…

OK, so perhaps you need to have a desire, or a need still, but 75% discount is a STEAL if you need or want the item on sale.. at least in my book.

So what is it that you can get such a massive discount on?

Prepare to be underwhelmed… pork and beans.

Something we called “baked beans” back in the old country… since moving to the states I’ve learned that that a single congealed cube of porcine fat makes a humbled can of baked beans into something “special” – the even better “PORK & BEANS”.

Well regardless, I use them in recipes, and I will whip up a can with a little butter as part of an ‘english breakfast’ – so that means I generally have a few cans in the pantry.

This last couple of years have seen this humble can of beans in tomato sauce (with a cube of fat) race to almost the dollar price tag – Van De Camp’s Pork & Beans is now a ridiculous $0.99 per can at your local grocery store!

Now given that I generally use them in a recipe, or add my own twist to this ridiculously “cheap and cheerful” legume – I’ve had an aversion to paying more than a dollar (when you include the most basic tax level) for what is basically cheap-eats. Given this aversion, I have taken to buying supermarket own brand – because in the finished product, I really could NOT tell the difference!

Even at supermarket own brand – the price fluctuates from $0.49 to $0.53 and as much as $0.59 a can for the ‘cheap’ beans – I’ve just found the deal of the century!!!

Kroger (king soopers here in CO) – has Van de Camp’s P&Bs for $0.59 – reduced from $0.99 – a deal perhaps, but not something to scream from the rafters… and then I found the coupon… in the aisle sat in a dispenser that spat one out as I walked by… hmmm… another $0.35 off … total price now.. $0.24 a can… wowowow!!!

I know.. it’s pork and beans for crying out loud… sorry I’m excited about 75% savings – even off the humble can of pork and beans!!!!